Become a Member

Members of the ASA may join its sections. The Community and Urban Sociology Section (CUSS) offers members an excellent chance to connect with urban scholars, nationally and internationally. Some of the benefits of membership in the CUSS section include:
  • Participation in the section’s growing mentoring program. Participants include graduate students, postdocs, assistant professors, and associate professors at the ASA! Some participants said that it was “[v] useful! I really appreciated that my group had a senior faculty member, a junior faculty member, and two grad students at different points in our progression. The diversity of experience was really informative” and “I thought this was terrific, and I would absolutely participate again if it’s offered next year” and “It’s more crucial what you hear from the “mentees”, but I really enjoyed chewing the fat with such nice, able people about shared interests and concerns. I was more or less on my own early in career, but our mentoring discussions covered ground that I would have appreciated then and enjoy thinking about now.”
  • Subscription to the section’s journal, City and Community. We are one of only four sections that has its own journal. Although this increases our section dues, it’s an endeavor that places the section itself at the forefront of the broader scholarly conversations about community and urban issues.
  • Opportunities to get to know and connect (network) with others who are doing similar work, building a community around urban issues.
  • Opportunities to volunteer with the section, which provide professional development and leadership opportunities for people at all stages in their career.
  • Via email: section announcements, news, calls for proposals and submissions, publication information, job postings, and the section’s newsletter.

How to Join

You can join the section when you become a member of the ASA, or when you renew your membership. If you are already an ASA member, navigate to the ASA member portal and click “join a section” on the right hand column of links.

Sponsor a Student

Do you know any graduate students or low-income ASA members who are engaged in CUSS research but not current members of the section? You can their sponsor their ASA or CUSS membership. To sponsor someone:
  1. Login to your ASA member portal
  2. In the member portal, under Contribute/Give you can find the options to:
    • Purchase a gift membership for a student
      • To purchase a gift membership for a student click on the link to search for a past member, or add contact information for a new member.
    • Purchase a gift section membership
      • To purchase a gift section membership to an active ASA member, select Community & Urban Sociology in the dropdown menu, and then click on the link below to search for the individual you would like to gift membership to.