Comurb_R21 Listserve

Official CUSS business is sent through the ASA-assigned listserv — COMMUNITY-LISTSERV.  To receive emails through the ASA-assigned section listserv you need to be a current member of the Section.  This list is updated each year by ASA.

There is another listserve that is used for some section activities — COMURB_R21.  This list includes persons who are members of the Community and Urban Sociology Section of ASA, persons who are members of the R21 Reseaerch Group of the International Sociological Association, and others. Participation in the list is voluntary — you must sign up to become a member.  Comurb is not an official listserv of the ASA or the ISA, nor CUSS, albeit including members of all three and more. 

To subscribe to the CUSS list, please use this hyper-link: Comurb_r21_GSU
Full link:

To post a message send an email to:  COMURB_R21@LISTSERV.GSU.EDU.

Hit Reply to email directly to the sender; reply to all to send to the entire listserv

You may  leave the  list at  any time by  sending a  “SIGNOFF COMURB_R21” command to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.GSU.EDU

The COMURB_R21 Listserve is hosted by Georgia State University.  The list is moderated by Deirdre Oakley.  For questions please email Deirdre directly at