Nominate CUSS members for our section awards

All award nominations are due April 2, 2019 and should be submitted to the chair of the award committee.

Robert E. Park Book Award

The Park Award (formerly the Park Book Award) goes to the author(s) of the best book published in the past two years (2017 and 2018). To nominate a book for this award: 1) Send an email nominating the book to Committee Chair Maria Krysan (; and 2) Notify the book publisher (or other responsible party) to send copies of the books as soon as possible and to arrive by April 2, 2019 at the latest to the chair and all four of the committee members listed below (5 copies, total). Postal mail addresses for all committee members follow below.

Maria Krysan (, Chair

Department of Sociology (m/c 312)

Room 4112E

1007 W. Harrison Street

University of Illinois at Chicago

Chicago, IL 60607

Waverly Duck (

University of Pittsburgh

Department of Sociology

230 S. Bouquet St.

2619 WWPH

University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh PA 1526

Peter Rosenblatt (

Loyola University Chicago

Coffey Hall Rm 438

1032 W. Sheridan Rd

Chicago, IL 60660

Mary Pattillo (

Northwestern University

1810 Chicago Avenue

Evanston, IL 60208

Matthew Hall (

Center for Studies in Demography & Ecology

206 Raitt Hall, Box 353412

University of Washington

Seattle,  WA 98195-3412


Jane Addams Article Award

The Jane Addams Award (formerly the Park Article Award) goes to authors of the best scholarly article in community and urban sociology published in the past two years (2017 or 2018).

Jeffrey Timberlake (, Chair, University of Cincinnati

Hillary Angelo (, UC Santa Cruz

Ariela Schachter (, Washington University in St. Louis

Graduate Student Paper Award

The CUSS Student Paper Award goes to the student author of the paper the award committee regards as the best graduate student paper in community and urban sociology.

Robin Bartram (, Chair, Tulane University

Emily Yen (, Trinity College

Josh Pacewicz (pacewicz@brown.eduBrown University

Robin and Helen Lynd Award for Lifetime Achievement

The Robert and Helen Lynd Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes distinguished career achievement in community and urban sociology.

Kyle Crowder (, Chair, University of Washington

Katherine Curtis (, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Angelina Grigoryeva (, University of Toronto

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