City & Community Vol. 18 No. 1

Vol. 18 No. 1 is now out.

The March issue, featuring a new cover, as well as a provocative symposium: Queer Urbanisms is now live. The symposium, with lead essayist Amin Ghaziani and responses (in the order in which they appear) by Theodore Greene, Petra Doan, Japonica Brown-Saracino and Héctor Carrillo is free access.

Symposium: Queer Urbanisms

Cultural Archipelagos: New Directions in the Study of Sexuality and Space

Queer Cultural Archipelagos are New to Us

Cultural Archipelagos or Planetary Systems

Aligning Our Maps: A Call to Reconcile Distinct Visions of Literatures on Sexualities, Space, and Place

Cultural Archipelagos and Immigrants’ Experiences


Environmental Justice and Public Beach Access

The Unbearable Lightness of the Cosmopolitan Canopy: Accomplishment of Diversity at an Urban Farmers Market

The Commons: Separating Tragedy and Triumph at a City Park

The Successive Nature of City Parks: Making and Remaking Unequal Access Over Time

On the Enactment of Roundabout Art: A Praxeological Analysis

“There’s Nothing Holding Us Back”: The Enduring and Shifting Cultural Outlooks of Inner City Second‐Generation Latinos

Urban Redevelopment, Cultural Philanthropy and the Commodification of Artistic Authenticity in Toronto

The Civic Side of Diversity: Ambivalence and Belonging at the Neighborhood Level

Feeling at Home in the Neighborhood: Belonging, the House and the Plaza in Helsinki and Madrid

Time, Place and Home: Exploring Meanings of Home in Vancouver

DIY Urbanism and the Lens of the Commons: Observations from Spain

Getting by in New York City: Bonding, Bridging and Linking Capital in Poverty‐Impacted Neighborhoods

Social Support and Residential Stability in Privately Owned Assisted Housing

The Effect of Segregated Cities on Ethnoracial Minority Healthcare System Distrust

The Market Inscribed Landscape: An Institutional Logic of Food Deserts

Gangstering Grants: Bringing Power to Collective Efficacy Theory

Multicultural Engagements in Lived Spaces: How Cultural Communities Intersect in Belleville, Paris

Book Reviews

Truth Spots: How Places Make People Believe, by Thomas GierynChicago, IL: University of Chicago Press. 2018. ISBN: 9780226561950; 208 pp. $32.50 cloth.

Ours to Lose: When Squatters Became Homeowners in New York City, by Starecheski, AmyChicago, IL: The University of Chicago Press, 2016. ISBN: 9780226399942; 318 pp. $90 hardcover. The Urban Politics of Squatters’ Movements (The Contemporary City), by Martínez López, Miguel A.New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018. ISBN: 9781349953134; 299, pp. $119 hardcover.

Chocolate Cities: The Black Map of American Life by Marcus Hunter and Zandria RobinsonOakland, CA: University of California Press, 2018. ISBN: 9780520292833; 312 pp. $29.95 Paperback.

Market Cities, People Cities: The Shape of Our Urban Future, by Michael Oluf Emerson and Kevin T. SmileyNew York, NY: NYU Press, 2018. ISBN: 9781479800261; 256 pp. $30 paperback.

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