CUSS 2019 Pre-Conference: Inequalities and Social Justice in the 21st Century

The ASA Community and Urban Sociology Section is pleased to announce a one-day conference on Inequalities and Social Justice in the 21st Century City to be held on Friday, August 9, 2019 at New York University’s Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service. Below is the exciting program for the conference.

At present we are not charging a registration fee now but may begin to charge for registrations after the first 120 participants or after July 26.


We also encourage all participants to become CUSS members.

Preconference on Inequalities and Social Justice in the 21st Century City
NYU Robert F. Wagner School for Public Service
295 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012
August 9, 2019

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9- 10:30am Plenary panel on Real Utopias and the City: A Discussion on Social Justice and Inequality in Practice
Featuring Gianpaolo Baiocchi, H. Jacob Carlson, and Stephanie Luce
10:45-12:15 Morning Session 1: Urban social movements
Challenging Urban Inequality: The Fight for $15 and Local Governance of Low-Wage Labor Chris Rhomberg Fordham University
Rethinking Community Politics: Conceptualizing and Theorizing the Power, Politics, and Political Efficacy of Community-based Organizations in Contemporary Urban Systems C. Michael Awsumb Southern Illinois University
“Occupy, Resist, Produce!”: How Politics Shape Alternative Organizations in the Neoliberal City Katherine Sobering University of North Texas
Where is the Migrant Laborer in the New York Food Movement? The Efforts of Brandworkers to Bring Visibility to Migrant Laborers Ivana Mellers The CUNY Graduate Center
Morning Session 2: Race and ethnic inequality
How is the Majority Rendered Invisible: Immigrants and Minorities in New York City Ernesto Castañeda American University
The Socio-Spatial Production of Marginality and the Processes of Differential Inclusion Lisa Reber Arizona State University
Crossing the Color Line in the 21st Century: Mortgaging Increasingly Diverse Neighborhoods Meghan M. O’Neil University of Michigan
The Impacts of Residential Integration on School Race and Ethnic Composition Ankit Rastogi University of Wisconsin-Madison
Morning Session 3: Gentrification and Economic Change
Growing for Profit and Social Changes: Urban Growers as Social Entrepreneurs in a Gentrifying City Yuki Kato Georgetown University
Are Gentrification and Displacement Different Across Cities? Exploring the Effects of Urban Regimes H. Jacob Carlson University of Wisconsin-Madison
Gentrification and Education: Evidence from New York City S. Sana Fatima New York University
The Paradox of Housing Conditions: Gentrification, Code Violations, and The Politics of Growth in New York City Sara Duvisac, Avigail Vantu, Gianpaolo Baiocchi, Nicole Summers New York University
Morning Session 4: Flash session – Neighborhood Inequality (Each presenter will give a 5-minute, roughly 5-slide presentation. Authors will be available for further discussion following the presentations.)
Age Incongruity in Racially Integrated Neighborhoods Christina Nelson New York University
“I Thought This was a Ghost Neighborhood” Tradeoffs Between Safety and Social Ties for Children Moving from City to Suburb Allison Young Johns Hopkins University
Place, Context, and Confidence in the American Dream Rachel Wildfeuer Temple University
How Context Mediates the Intergenerational Transmission of Skills: Disentangling Neighborhood Socio-demographics and Social Conditions Jared Schachner Harvard University
Cultivating a Catholic Neighborhood: Space, Place, and Subcultural Identity in a Gentrifying Municipality Audra Dugandzic University of Notre Dame
Renting the West Side: Two-Flat Landlords in Chicago’s Low-Income Neighborhoods Allison Suppan Helmuth University of Illinois at Chicago
1:45-3:15 Afternoon Session 1: Gentrification and racial inequality
Racial Inequality and Gentrification in U.S. Cities, 1980-2017 Elaina Johns-Wolfe University of Cincinnati
Racial Inequality Between Gentrifiers: How the Race of Gentrifiers Affects Retail Development in Gentrifying Neighborhoods Mahesh Somashekhar University of Illinois at Chicago
How the News Racializes American Gentrification Zawadi Rucks-Ahidiana New York University
Reconceptualizing the Sociology of Gentrification in and of the Global South Melissa M. Valle Rutgers University–Newark
Afternoon Session 2: Markets and Urban Inequality
Social Structure of the Informal Housing Market Christine Jang-Trettien Johns Hopkins University
Accounting for Accountability: Non-meritocratic Evaluations, City Credit Ratings, and Urban Inequality Davon N. Norris The Ohio State University
The State of Evictions During the Affordability Crisis: Measuring Prevalence and Disparate Impact through Machine Learning on Court Records Tim Thomas, Ott Toomet, Ian Kennedy, Alex Ramiller University of Washington
Locking in Urban Transformation through Organizational Experiments Nate Ela American Bar Foundation
Afternoon Session 3: The New Urban Sociology, Inequality, and Social Change
The New Urban Sociology Mark Gottdeiner SUNY-Buffalo
The New Urban Sociology and Social Movements Randolph Hohle SUNY-Fredonia
The Commodification of Land and a Theory of Social Transformation Lipon Mondal Virginia Tech University
Afternoon Session 4: Housing and Landscape Inequality in the City
The Housing Divide as a Social Structure Marco Garrido University of Chicago
The Housing Crisis, Generalized: Housing Affordability for the Middle Class Kasey Zapatka The CUNY  Graduate Center
Agrarianization of South African Cities: Alternatives from Below to the Legacies of Apartheid Ricardo Jacobs Johns Hopkins University
Landscape Change, But For Whom? Tracking Land Cover Changes and Social Inequalities in Greater Houston Kevin T. Smiley University of Buffalo
3:30-5 Afternoon Session 5: Marginality and Spatial Stigma
Improving Care for Elders Who Prefer Informal Spaces to Age-Separated Institutions and Healthcare Settings Stacy Torres, Xuemei Cao University of California, San Francisco; University of Albany, SUNY
Democracy, Inclusion, and the “Right to the City” in Urban Street Bands Meghan E. Kallman University of Massachusetts-Boston
How does Lead Poisoning Contribute to Urban Inequality? Matthew H. McLeskey University of Buffalo
Decoupled Displacement: Geographic and Socioeconomic Heterogeneity Among Students Displaced by School Closure Kiara Millay Nerenberg Johns Hopkins University
Afternoon Session 6: Crime, Criminal Justice, and Urban Inequality
Criminal Records and Access to Rental Housing: A Field Experiment Laura DeMarco Ohio State University
From Murder Capital to Cappuccino City: Crime, Black Displacement, and Gentrification in the Nation’s Capital Tanya Golash-Boza, Hyunsu Oh University of California, Merced
The Pipeline From Prison to Jail: An Examination of Parole Supervision Chloe Haimson University of Wisconsin-Madison
Were Latino Communities Safer Than Others? Some Surprising Findings from San Antonio Ramiro Martinez, Jr., Keller Sheppard Northeastern University
Afternoon Session 7: Urban Policy Experiments and Inteventions
Employing a Multi-Stakeholder Framework in Designing Smart Cities in Tennessee Cristina del-Real, Chandra Ward, Mina Sartipi University of Cadiz, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Effects of Direct Urban Climate Lending on Emissions Reduction in World Cities: New Insights on Global Climate Finance Benjamin Leffel University of California, Irvine
Neighborhood Inequality and Place-based Policymaking at Scale: Los Angeles County 2010-2030 Jared Schachner Harvard University
Embedded Cohesion: Social Bases of Urban Public Goods Distribution Benjamin H. Bradlow Brown University
Civic Transformation and Elite Politics: The Formation of Interlocking Directorates in Urban Non-Profit Organizations Andrew Messamore University of Texas at Austin
5-6:30 Cocktail hour

Co-sponsored by:
Community and Urban Sociology Section of the American Sociological Association
City & Community Journal
NYU Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service
NYU Sociology
NYU Urban Democracy Lab
OSU Sociology
OSU Institute for Population Research

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