Community & Urban Sociology Sessions at ASA 2021

The 2021 ASA Annual Meeting, will take place August 6-10 virtually. Here are some resources from the ASA for presenters and attendees including step-by-step instructions on how to join a session/meeting.

Below are our Community & Urban Sociology Section sessions.

Mon, August 9

10:00 to 10:45am EDT

Community and Urban Sociology Section Council Meeting, VAM, Room 19

11:00am to 12:25pm EDT

Racial Equity, Repair, and the Global Movement for Black Lives, VAM, Room 20

Session Organizer/Chair: Monica Bell, Yale   University

A Hashtag of Two Americas: The Meaning of #BlackLivesMatter in Brazil

· Demetrius Miles Murphy, University of Southern California

“Even in Sweden”: Reverberations of the Black Lives Matter Movement in Sweden

· Jasmine Linnea Kelekay, University of California, Santa Barbara

From Police Reform to Police Abolition: How Minneapolis Activists Fought to Make Black Lives Matter-

· Michelle S. Phelps, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

· Anneliese Ward

“I been here longer than you”: How targeted policing creates the conditions for abolition

· Nikki Jones, University of California-Berkeley,

· Brie McLemore

· Peyton Provenzano

· Rachel Anspach

12:45 to 2:10pm EDT

Pandemic and the Modern Metropolis, VAM, Room 19

Session Organizer/Chair: Neil Brenner, University of Chicago

Estimating Eviction Filings in Chicago: The Impact of COVID-19

· Peter Rosenblatt, Loyola University-Chicago

· Randall Leurquin, Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing

· Mark Swartz, Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing

· Cristian Luis Paredes, Loyola University Chicago

· Travis Moody, Southern Oregon University

· Emily Drane, Loyola University Chicago

Financialization of the COVID-19 Housing Crisis and Beyond: Shifting Scales, Shifting Struggles

· Marnie Brady, Marymount Manhattan College

· Gianpaolo Baiocchi, NYU

· Howard Jacob Carlson, Brown University

· Ned Crowley, New York University

· Sara Duvisac

2:30 to 3:55pm EDT

Community and Urban Sociology Section Business Meeting, VAM, Room 19

4:15 to 5:40pm EDT

A Critical Lens on Urban Sociology, VAM, Room 18

Session Organizer/Chair: Orly Clerge, Tufts University

Presider: Waverly Duck, University of Pittsburgh

All Cities Matter: Towards a more dynamic and inclusive urbanism,

· Gregory D. Wilson, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Circling the Herd: Houston’s Black Trail Riders, Placemaking and the Liberatory Potential of Second Sites

· Leah Binkovitz, Rice University

Discrimination in the Housing Search: Experiences of Upper-Middle Class Blacks on LI

· Jeanne E. Kimpel, Molloy College

Learning From Those We Study: Toward an Alternative Politics of Expertise in Urban Sociology

· Gianpaolo Baiocchi, NYU

· Ned Crowley, New York University

· Lili Dao, New York University

· Rachel Kuo

· Virgilio Urbina Lazardi, New York University

Tue, August 10

4:15 to 5:40pm EDT

Community, Policy and the Politicization of Space, VAM, Room 13

Session Organizer/Chair: Claudia Lopez, California State University – Long Beach

Discussant: Amy Jonason, Furman University

To Trust or Not to Trust? Black Organizations in the Context of State-Led Gentrification

· Angela E. Addae

Gentrifying the Gentrifiers?: Small-Scale Landlords, Tax Abatements, and Development in Philadelphia

· John E. Balzarini, Melody L. Boyd

The Marginalizing Gaze: Electronic Surveillance and Bimodal Policing in Residential Spaces

· Lisa Lucile Owens, Columbia University

The Law of the Land: Capital-based Social Control Evidenced in Policing of Native Americans

· Kat Albrecht, Northwestern University

· Carrie D. Stallings

Reclaiming Hong Kong through neighborhood-making: A study of the 2019 Anti-ELAB movement

· Yao-Tai Li, Hong Kong Baptist University

· Katherine Whitworth, University of Sydney

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