CUSS Call for nominations

From Mary Fischer:

As our Section Nominations Coordinator I’m reaching out to the membership to ask for volunteers to either run or nominate someone for one of our leadership positions. These are volunteer positions that will take up some of your valuable time–but they’re important, intrinsically rewarding, and a great way to shape the directions our section will take and to get to know some of your colleagues. Here is a brief rundown of our open positions and their main tasks (all positions start August 2022):

  • Chair-elect (1-year term; then becomes chair in 2023, then past-chair in 2024): 2 nominees
    • Serves as liaison between section and ASA- Coordinates section committees and activities, including those at the annual meeting
    • Alerts section members of any new opportunities (e.g. jobs, CFPs, fellowships) or announcements (e.g. new publications, by-laws changes, new ASA policies)
  • Council Members (3-year term): 4 nominees
    • Help run and grow the section through standing and ad hoc committees
    • Vote on key matters related to the section, including introducing by-laws changes
  • Publications Committee members (3-year term): 4 nominees
    • Work on matters related to City & Community, the section’s official journal 
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Chair (3-year term): 2 nominees
    • Monitors, supports, and advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion in CUSS in various leadership roles
    • Serves as an ex-officio member of the council 
  • Student Representative (1-year term): 2 nominees
    • Helps with section activities like council members – (A great way to get involved in the life of the section)

If you would like to run for one of these roles or would like to nominate someone for them (that doesn’t mean they have to do it; I’ll follow up with them later), please get in touch with:

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