Studying Racism and Capitalism in Cities Webinar

City & Community is excited to host “Studying Racism and Capitalism in Cities” on Thursday, February 16, at 6:30PM (ET). Differing from webinars we have hosted in the past which have been tailored to junior scholars, this event launches a new virtual panel series on topics within the journal’s scope in which more established scholars share their experiences and intellectual journeys with the intention of both guidance and information.

Studying Racism and Capitalism in Cities

Thursday, 2/16/2023, at 6:30PM (ET)

Studying cities can be an intimidating process, even for well-prepared sociologists. The three of us were trained as scholars of race and racism and we study cities as sites of inequality. As we approached this work, however, we found ourselves perplexed by the ins and outs of city management and financing when trying to make sense of racial inequality. But if we could tell our previous selves something it would be, you don’t need a law or economics degree to study municipalities!

In this panel, we will share lessons learned and tips for early career scholars of urban space interested in studying the intersections of racism and capitalism. We as sociologists have the methodological and theoretical tools to demystify economic, legal, and political processes. In fact, we can help others understand and work against them. Drawing from our experiences studying US cities (Detroit, Benton Harbor, Cincinnati) where we each discovered the interconnectedness of racism and capitalism, we aim for this panel to both inform early career scholars of the challenges they may face and guide those who are undertaking urban projects of their own to navigate them.


Louise Seamster, Assistant Professor, African American Studies & Sociology and Criminology, University of Iowa

Mo Torres, Doctoral Candidate, Sociology, Harvard University

Sarah Mayorga, Associate Professor, Sociology, Brandeis University

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